Dear students,

Australian Skills Management Institute (ASMI) commenced as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in 2009. We offer 45 Vocational qualifications (please see our courses page) to both local and international students.

We are proud of our range of courses and study and assessment options which will assist students to build strong skills and experience which will assist to enter the job market or increase skills and knowledge for those who are current workers.

Our study and assessment options include face to face classes, on the job training, online, apprenticeships/traineeships, VET in schools (VETiS) and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Face to face classes include areas such as; hospitality, early childhood education and care and individual support. We provide on the job training to our students engaged in apprenticeships and traineeships; this includes commercial cookery, hospitality, signage and early childhood education and care. All courses are supplemented with online resources and assessment.

We also provide training for corporate or large groups that may include; forklift licensing, first aid or food safety.

RPL is offered for all programs. If you have skills and knowledge and are current employees in your chosen industry you may be able to reduce your study time through having those skills formally recognised. Please speak to our academic staff.

Our college also has a strong connection with various industries and associations. This network can assist with numerous opportunities and possibilities to develop students’ skills and knowledge in their chosen field.

We are a highly regarded RTO and our training is for your future. I wish you every success in your training no matter what your individual pathway may be.

Rob Claridge