Paddy Zhang

“I am a graduate of ASMI, a father of two children, currently working as a part-time lecturer in ASMI, and I am also Chief Executive Officer of “Golden Food Company Limited.” I chose to Study abroad more than 10 years ago because know in Australia staff in Hotel management and Professional cookery are in short supply so I chose this industry, and based on this and my interest in cookery.

In ASMI I gained professional knowledge and skills and professionalism, and successfully immigrated to Australia for permanent residency. Due to my outstanding professional skills, I was hired by the Brisbane local government and served as a host of food programs on local television.

Later, I succeeded in creating my own food company. The CEO of ASMI was so impressed with my skills he offered me a job and so for the love of education, I got the qualification certificate for training and assessing and then I began to teach for ASMI. I have successfully helped a large number of students and especially Chinese to obtain professional qualifications and obtain more professional development opportunities at home and abroad. The biggest harvest in ASMI is that ASMI’s education changed me and made me feel more confident about my life abroad.”

Paddy Zhang
                                                                                                                                Cert IV Training and Assessment,
Cert IV Commercial Cookery, Diploma of Hospitality Management


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