Package 1: Traditional


Package 1:    Traditional

COST:           $600.00 per trainee.

This package is the traditional training package conducted at your workplace.

It consists of:

Theory training held at your workplace for a maximum of six trainees.

Licensed supervision provided for trainees on a training plan and recorded in a log book. This provides productive work specific training without losing time away from your workplace.

Nationally recognised assessment for trainees conducted at your workplace.


This package suits employers who have access to a small training room or equivalent facility and have their own forklift/s operating at their workplace.

It suits employers who cannot afford the time and lost productivity required for a three day off site training course. Please note that employee time is still required. Theory training for six people normally takes a full day and time must be allocated to meet the requirements of the mandated assessment. Smaller numbers can reduce the time needed both for theory training and assessment.


Theory training can be tailored to the specific needs of forklift operation in your workplace.

Operational training will involve the day-to-day tasks that you require of your forklift operators.

The training program will be tailored to meet your needs and time constraints.

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