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Course Credit

We at ASMI are committed to giving you the right qualifications commensurate with your skills. Credit may be assigned for the recognition of equivalence in content and learning outcomes between different types of learning and/or qualifications. Credit reduces the amount of learning required to achieve a qualification and may be acquired through Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

About RPL

RPL is the recognition of prior learning. It is an opportunity to have your skills recognised for what they are, formally, no matter how, when or where the learning has occurred. RPL identifies knowledge and skills you have already gained in the workplace.

About Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer is a process that provides students with agreed and consistent credit outcomes based on identified equivalence in content and learning outcomes between matched qualifications, such as block credit, specified credit or unspecified credit.

Do I Qualify for Course Credit?

  • Are you able to do the job that your colleagues alongside of you do?
  • Do you carry out your working responsibilities to the best of your ability and with the full support of your supervisor?
  • Do you now work in an industry that requires or accepts recognition of your qualifications?
  • Do you have any skills in either an unpaid or paid position that you would like recognition for?
  • Do you want your skills and experience to contribute to a worthwhile qualification?
  • Do you or your employer want you to seek recognition for the work that you have previously or currently done?
  • Do you hold formal qualifications/units of competency in any other job and would like to transfer them to your present career?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be eligible for course credit.